Translation as Global Transfer of Knowledge

At any time in human history, knowledge constituted a reason for creating relations between distant regions: in itself it was a reason for human migration, political action, institution building and economic exchange. During the manifold establishments of relations, knowledge was disputed, negotiated and finally transformed. These transformations can be more easily understood when recognized as processes of cultural and literal translations in global connectivity.

Two main questions were brought up and discussed during this first evening: Firstly, how can knowledge mediate between local contexts and global, non-universal forms of understanding? Secondly, how can globalization of knowledge be understood when translation comprises misunderstandings and ambiguities?

Main Speakers: 

Yehuda Elkana, Berlin

Mark Geller, Free University Berlin

Richard Rottenburg, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Michael Allan, University of Oregon; Fellow at Forum Transregionale Studien